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  • You and your tribe

    My son Nick invited me to join his tribe last week for an experience I won’t soon forget.

    His tribe is the November Project which brings new meaning to the word fitness.

    Each week they gather at the Harvard football stadium at 6 in the morning for a workout which is quite intense.

    No matter the season, nor the weather, these hard core enthusiasts go through a ritual which involves running (walking is allowed) up and down all 37 sections of this storied stadium which has the feel of a Roman colosseum.

    If you thought stairclimbing was a good workout, try 1147 steps that are each 15 inches high and 2 feet deep.

    As challenges go, it may be borderline wacko.

    Most memorable about the experience though, was not the physical element (although my quads are still talking to me) but the social piece.

    There is something especially powerful about participating in a group exercise because it creates a shared experience for all involved.

    As anyone who has ever done a group workout or a running race or a walkathon knows, even if the event is competitive in nature, the overriding spirit is usually one of comaraderie, where everyone feeds off the energy of other participants.

    If you’d like to get a taste of this energy, consider signing up for an event like a 5K this summer. If you’re a little further along the fitness spectrum, think about something more ambitious (a 10K, half marathon, 1-mile swim, bike event, kayak race, etc.) as a way to help you get motivated to ratchet up your game to the next level.

    As soon as you make the commitment, you will set in motion a nice chain of events which will bring you nice benefits the whole summer.

    Go team!

    Here’s a link to a 2 minute video about the November Project:


    Head Coach

    1. James
      June 13, 2017 at 2:21 pm -

      Glad to be a part of the “To the Moon in June” tribe with you, Barry!

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