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    Feel the Zest: 89 Ways to Be Fully Energized is the perfect reward for anyone who has made the decision to improve their health and fitness, starting today!

    Here is what others are saying about Barry’s book:

    Feel the Zest changed the way I look at each day. I have found that I can ratchet up my energy instantly by using just a few of the ideas in Barry’s book.

    — Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Soul

    Feel the Zest is a great reminder of many things you know you ought to be doing, but in most cases probably aren’t—and a number of others you probably haven’t thought of. Either way, this insightful little volume will give you a number of useful and satisfying “ah-ha’s”. If you want more vitality and aliveness, I highly recommend Feel the Zest.

    — Bill Harris, Director, Centerpointe Research Institute

    This book is the energy-supercharger for busy people. You learn how to power up fast, from the first page.”

    — Brian Tracy, Author of Maximum Achievement

    “Loved it! Barry does a masterful job of sharing simple strategies that can really get our juices flowing. Feel the Zest can serve as a catalyst for people who wish to feel truly alive!”

    — Peggy McCollNew York Times Bestselling Author of Your Destiny Switch

    and Viral Explosions

    “I like to work with people who care about things that matter –people who truly want to make a difference. Barry Bouthilette is that kind of person. You will feel the zest when you read this book. There are enough great ideas in this book to last a lifetime. I find myself using many of them on a daily basis and feeling more energetic each time.

    This book will put more zip in your step today. I highly recommend it.”

    — Michael Angier, Founder, SuccessNet

    “I just finished reading Feel the Zest and I had to write to you personally. As a 14 year publisher of a popular online newsletter, I see a lot come across my desk. I can honestly say this is one of the best I’ve seen in years. If there’s one book that employers and managers should make required reading, it’s this one. These thoughtful and timeless nuggets are sure to create more productive and satisfied employees, and will change many lives for the better.”

    — Jim Daniels, BizWeb eGazette

    Feel the Zest is a must-read book for anyone who wants to boost the positive energy in their life. Barry “The Energy Guy” Bouthilette has strung together 89 pearls of energy wisdom which clearly illustrate that energy is not just about physiology, it is about your mind and spirit as well. I highly recommend this book.”

    — William Hathaway, C.Ht.,

    “Barry has succeeded in providing a treasure trove of ideas to put the zest back in your life! From gentle reminders to get on track with healthy habits to delightful creative suggestions, it’s all here. Just stash this slim volume in your purse to read for inspiration anytime, anywhere.”

    — Lori Pirog, M.S.,

    “Truly inspiring. Feel the Zest is wonderfully written and is one of those books that can have an immediate impact on your life. It helped me get into a whole new and more productive zone. It’s a great place to be. Thanks, Barry.

    — Kathy Harrison, Author of Just in Case.

    “Well written, both concise and precise… very good, solid and useable information for that all-important fuel to a happy life – energy.”

    — Jim Randel, Founder, The Skinny On book series

    “Barry Bouthilette’s book has changed the way I think about the most basic elements of my day: from the amount of wine I drink at dinner to the amount of clutter I have to wade through in order to get to dinner. (Who ever knew that clutter affects energy?) This book’s simple, basic but well (and humorously) presented pointers have a way of staying with me. I’m very glad to have read it.”

    — Anthony Giardina, Author, White Guys: A Novel

    Feel the Zest is practical, inspiring, helpful and gets you motivated to take on the world! I immediately put about a dozen of Barry’s suggestions into practice and will work on the rest of his sensible and useful list. Well written by someone who knows what he is talking about and lives what he preaches.”

    — Rev. Andrea Ayvazian, Minister, poet, activist

    “I have always appreciated having short reads from which I could get long-lasting value. Barry, you covered LOTS of ground, taking topics that I would not have automatically associated with energy and pointing out the connection. Brilliant!”

    — Jim HornickelBold New Directions: Transforming People & Performance Coaching.