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  • Client Testimonials

    The following are testimonials from a few of the people that Barry has empowered since he started coaching in 2013:

    “You have helped me navigate a very challenging period and I am so appreciative of your confidence in me, seeing who I wanted to be even when I couldn’t see it, reminding me of the aspirations that I have and the power that lies within me, through small and simple daily changes. I will very much miss our conversations, your wisdom and your support. I will keep working through our plan and toward my goals. Thank you for your article – I have already started writing post-it notes and planning my “ad campaign”… Thank you, for everything, and mostly, for believing in me! – Katie T. of Orem, UT

    “I really appreciated all your outreach and caring support of me. You truly did help me to get through a change in my sleep habits so that I’m no longer exhausted most of the time or reliant on coffee (although I do still enjoy my morning cup!). I also incorporated some of the recipes you sent and am trying the do the NYT Standing 7-minute Workout every day.” – Ginger R. of San Luis Obispo, CA

    “Barry has been an instrumental part of my development during the years 2019-2021. During this time I moved through some major events both personally and professionally. Barry listened, asked the right questions and challenged my thinking to ensure that I am on the right track to realize my best potential. He has a wonderful calm and insightful demeanor which very much supported our Coaching relationship and allowed me to be vulnerable to achieve true growth. I owe a great deal of my successes and future paths to Barry and our coaching relationship.” – Edward G. of Chicago, IL

    “I am a health coach who utilized Coach Barry as MY health coach for about 2 years. I had more than one goal to work on: I was transitioning to a new home in another state, thus missing my old job, my grown children and my friends, and needing to create a new life to include a new job and social outlets. I was unmotivated with my weight loss goal. And I also needed new ideas for meal planning. Coach Barry cared deeply about helping me feel my best. Always professional, he listened closely and clearly to me, and could relate easily. He helped me set achievable goals, and was supportive when I was successful AND supportive when I wasn’t. Every call ended with a positive feeling and a helpful plan. His weekly messages helped me focus on my goals. Life is good in Wilmington now, and I am continuing my weight loss journey with healthy eating, physical activity, proper sleep, and social connection. Thank you, Coach Barry!” – Candy C. of Wilmington, NC

    “I shall keep our regular Friday time spot booked each week to ask myself: ‘What would Barry say?’ and to remember to focus on growth, health, mindfulness and ME … You have been such a tremendous impact in my life and can’t thank you enough!” – Megan J. of Gaithersburg, MD

    “I always enjoyed our sessions. Your calm and composed demeanor brought calmness to my Friday afternoons and weekends… I need to give you credit to sort of help me make the connect back with photography when you pointed out in one of the sessions that you saw an instant joy in me when I said photography was something I enjoyed. That moment, I realized that I need to get back to it, and boy! have I enjoyed and felt relaxed!! That is why I felt a sense of gratitude to you… I want to thank you for all the good advice and guidance you have provided which has helped provide clarity to me through the turbulent times.” – Indrajeet C. of Leander, TX

    “You have been such a positive and encouraging coach for me! I always look forward to our meetings together. Your support and guidance has meant so much to me. I hope you realize how much you have helped me in my health journey!” – Jan H. of Omaha, NB

    “You were a real inspiration to me and helped me get through this year and grow as a person throughout this year … Thank you for the article. I think it very much sums up how you were able to introduce building small habits and simple but powerful ways to stay fit and healthy and happy.” – Alex P. of New York, NY

    “I really appreciated the unique connection, history, and elevated caliber of our discussions. I really think I lucked out to get a coach like you, so open, well read, and in tune with some of the life work I’ve done. You really helped me to realize how many solutions I already have and how to access them.” – Hannah H. of Santa Barbara, CA

    “I hope that you will continue to share your wisdom with others and continue to be a life coach as YOUR GUIDANCE CHANGES LIVES, including my own. I am forever grateful for our time together and feel lucky that I got to know you.” – Diana J. of Campbell, CA

    “I can almost guarantee that whatever your personal goals, Barry will guide you onto a path of success. He is gentle and compassionate, and in a very compelling way, helps you stay focused on your goals. If you are as fortunate as I was, you will achieve far more than you expected. For me it began as weight loss, but morphed into gratefulness, mindfulness and self-awareness. I am profoundly grateful to have Barry as my coach!” – Dave E. of Alexandria, VA

    “I have always appreciated your responsiveness to my emails (even weekends and off-hours) and your insight which has helped my path to better health (mental and physical) an easier one to stick to for life.” – Kim J. of Santa Cruz, CA

    “I always enjoy my coaching sessions with Barry. He has a unique way of empowering me with ‘out of the box’ ideas. In between our sessions he sends texts and emails that really help me to achieve my weekly goals.” – Regina N. of Scarsdale, NY