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  • Would you do it for $1million?

    If someone offered you a million dollars to lose 30 pounds, or be physically active 7 days a week, or eliminate all sugar from your diet – would it be enough of an incentive to get you to change your behavior?

    Think the question is hypothetical?

    You’re right.

    Frankly, I’m not aware of any potential payoff like this in the real world. If it exists, I’m interested in hearing about it.

    I raise the question because when there is a powerful reason for us to change the direction of our life, the probability that we will make such a shift is much higher.

    In the absence of a big reason for modifying our behavior, we repeatedly make choices which, by our own admission, are not always in our best interest. And when we do, the results are predictable. Same old same old, as they say.

    On the other hand, if our incentive is big enough, we’ll make adjustments in our daily activities which are much more likely to stick – and be with us for the long haul.

    There are studies which show that when a doctor advises a patient to adopt healthier habits because their numbers are of concern (overweight, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, etc.) only 1 out of 7 will follow the doctor’s advice.

    Why so few?

    Generally, we change only when we’re ready to change, not because someone (doctor or friend or family member), with the best of intentions, tries to persuade us to change.

    As rational as we like to think we are, logic often takes a back seat to emotion when it comes to important life decisions.

    The reality is we make decisions regarding our health many times a day and those choices do not always serve us in the smartest way.

    So what can we do?

    Dig deep, baby!

    Take the time to reflect on you what you care about most. I mean, really, really care.

    Because therein lies the potential spark for real change.

    When the reasons are compelling enough … When we tap into something that really moves us emotionally … We discover the will and the willpower to follow through on actions consistent with our desires.

    What comes to mind for you?

    Maybe you hate feeling tired all the time, or you want to attract someone special into your life, or you’re afraid your health issues will be a burden on your family, or you want to be around for your grandchild’s graduation from college. Etc.

    Whatever it is, it can serve as the force for adopting a new you.

    When one of my clients has a tear in their eye as they talk about their deepest reason for wanting to be healthier, I know they’ve uncovered a powerful motivator which will serve them well and help sustain their commitment to lifestyle change.

    Give it some thought.

    What you discover could be worth a million bucks, … or even better!

    To your health!