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  • Welcome resistance (sometimes)

    We usually look for the path of least resistance because we’re smart and, generally speaking, less work is better than more work, right? Why shouldn’t we seek to do less at every opportunity?

    Well, sometimes it makes more sense to take the path of more resistance because, plain and simple, it makes us stronger.

    Think of astronauts who come back after being in space for an extended period. From having been in a weightless environment for so long, their muscles tone has declined because they’ve have no gravity to overcome. Not good.

    Going up a hill (or the stairs) is more work than being on flat terrain (or taking an elevator) but, by having to overcome resistance, we build muscle mass and increase bone density, those things which start declining at around age 30.

    So look for opportunities today to make your day harder. You’ll be stronger for doing so.

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