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  • Share the load; reap the benefits

    Today, on our Sunday bike ride, my buddies and I encountered some pretty stiff headwinds as we started out on our 42 mile loop.

    If you’re a cyclist you know that the best way to be spared the worst of the wind is to draft (tuck in behind) the person in front of you. This presumes, of course, that someone will be in the lead, bearing the full brunt of the wind.

    Hardly seems fair unless everyone agrees to take a turn at the front of the pack.

    As the roles of leader and followers continuously rotate, the peleton moves (quite elegantly) as a single organism. And the workload gets distributed equally among all members of the group.

    If you’re encountering light winds today, consider setting the pace for your team and encourage them to get in your slipstream. Tomorrow you may the one encountering turbulence and may need to rely on them to carry you for a while.

    Wishing you friendly tail winds to finish out the weekend!

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