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  • Reach out, buddy up

    Although some people choose to exercise on their own, either because they’re highly motivated or because they like the solitude of working out alone – others prefer to do it with a buddy or even with a crowd.

    Either way, we should do what works best, given our preference and our circumstance.

    Now that we’re half way thru the Challenge (those are pretty impressive stats you’re racking up, by the way), now might be a good time to reach out to a friend, family member or colleague and offer to be their workout buddy.

    Yes, it’s too late for them to get into the Challenge, but, more importantly, it may be an opportunity for them to get started on a healthy routine. And you can be the catalyst for helping them getting started.

    So share the secret: physical activity triggers a nice cocktail of neurochemicals that can make the day enjoyable.

    Think about being someone’s mentor today.

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