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  • Play, baby, play

    There are a few things in life that are truly magical in the way they can lift our spirits and transform us in measurable ways.

    Engaging in physical activity (especially the fun kind) happens to be one of them.

    I’ll spare you the litany of proven health benefits (physical and mental) which flow from regular physical activity. Why? Because you already know what they are.

    In my role as health coach I find that most people are well aware of the many reasons that exercise can enhance the quality of their lives; they just find it challenge making it happen on a regular basis.

    Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

    If you find it difficult to incorporate healthy movement into your daily routine, I have three suggestions:

    First, think of your biggest reason for wanting to ‘get physical’. The stronger your reason for getting up and moving, the more likely it is you will follow through on the plan.

    Wanting to feel better is good. Wanting to lower your risk of heart disease and live longer is even better. What might be best of all?

    If, when you think about why you want to become more active, you have tears in your eyes, it means you’re onto something that can serve as a truly powerful motivator for personal change.

    Second, think in terms of very small steps. Allocating 5 or 10 minutes a day to walking may be more realistic than trying to carve out 30 or 60 minutes in a schedule that’s already jam packed with commitments.

    Every success, however small, boosts our confidence in some way. Multiple little successes can fuel that all important momentum we need to sustain our new healthy regimen.

    Third, make it fun. Somewhere in the course of your chosen activity, whatever it is, you’ve got to experience a joy that speaks to you and says: “I like this feeling and I want more of it.”

    When that happens, you know you’ve found an activity you can keep on playing.

    Great resource, and it’s free!

    In September WBUR in Boston did a 21 day podcast which they called: “The Magic Pill, a daily dose of get-up-and- go.” It’s a lively conversation about the many ways we can move more and improve life.

    Each day’s segment lasts four to five minutes and is followed by a workout song.

    I highly recommend checking out this program which can be found at this link:


    “We don’t stop playing because we age; we age because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

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