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  • Liberate yourself from stone

    I saw an angel in the stone and carved it to set it free – Michelangelo

    We may not be blessed with the vision of Michelangelo, nor his ability to turn a piece of marble into a work of art, but what each of us does possess is an amazing ability to envision a better life for ourselves – and then act in ways which turn what we imagine into something real.

    Not unlike liberating an angel from stone, really.

    Being human, we dream often of experiencing more robust health.

    Sure, we want better biometrics: lower blood pressure, better cholesterol, fewer pounds, etc.

    But what we really want is more energy and vitality.

    Deep down, we know the best way to create such magic is by being more active, eating well, and fostering habits which nourish us fully –  meditating regularly, limiting screen time, spending time with the people we love, and …

    If only we could figure out a way to adopt such behaviors on a daily basis.

    As much as we have fantasies about accomplishing our health goals, seldom do we have a ready-made program which gives us the means to follow through on these goals.

    Well, now we do!

    Meet To the Moon in June –  this year’s 28-day health challenge starting June 1st.

    Consider it a rare opportunity to have fun with family, friends and co-workers, in a friendly, no cost, on-line health challenge.

    Using an elegantly designed platform at TheDailyEndorphin, we are going to have a blast as we earn points for being physically active, making nutritious choices, and engaging in smart lifestyle behaviors.

    Here’s your link to help kick start a new regimen, starting June 1st:

    If you’ve never done a challenge like this and you’re hesitant to participate because of so many unknowns, consider the following:

    1. You do not have to reveal anything personal about yourself. Participants have an option to plug in personal information (height, weight, etc.), for their own use only. No one, absolutely no one, including me as the administrator, has access to such information. No one will see your profile except you.
    2. You do need to sign up for the challenge using a valid email address, but nothing stops you from registering for the challenge using a fictitious name (I signed up using my walking coach email address but my challenge name is Justin Marathon). The initial screen where you provide your email and set your password is the place where you would create a pseudonym, if you so choose.
    3. This challenge is so simple it takes about 1 minute a day to input your daily activities in order to earn your points. If you’ve got a fitness tracker (not a requirement for participating), your activities can be recorded automatically.
    4. As the head coach of the challenge, I will be sending supportive emails throughout the challenge and will be available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

    Once again, here’s your ticket to a healthier you:

    I encourage you to take a bold step now, consistent with your goal to feel great and look great this summer!

    A month from now you will look back and be thankful you acted decisively.

    See you on the flight!


    Head Coach

    p.s. Feel free to share the link with others who may appreciate a challenge of their own.

    1. James
      May 30, 2017 at 7:47 pm -

      Okay, I’m in! Signed up for “To the Moon in June”!

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