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  • Keep your nose off the grindstone

    Just the thought of keeping my “nose to the grindstone” is enough to make me cringe. Of course, it’s not advice which is meant to be taken literally, although it seems it was originally.

    Hey, I get it. When we keep our head down, focused on the job at hand (or the exercise we’re engaged in), we stay on track and get more done. Sometimes we just have to power through.

    Focus is good.

    But it’s also smart to shift our focus occasionally so as not to lose sight of the big picture. Only in doing so are we able to make sure our efforts are aligned with our overall goals.

    Every so often today, take a moment to ‘zoom out’ and take in the view of life from 30,000 feet. Then recalibrate, if necessary, and get back to the grindstone.

    Just be careful not to get too close.

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