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  • Got Zest?

    Have you ever noticed that the people who are the happiest are those who have a certain zest for life? They may not have a lot of money but they sure know how to live. It’s all in the approach. It explains why a janitor can have a better outlook on life than a millionaire. The difference is in the attitude.

    Mowing the lawn is a chore to some. Others view it as a chance to get some exercise while improving the beauty of the yard. Same activity – two different perspectives. Life depends on how you look at it.

    Some people are lucky to be born with a positive outlook. Others learn it in the course of life. Some have a certain joie de vivre that is part of their personality. They may even be oblivious to their blessing. Others develop it consciously after a life changing experience. They survive an accident or cancer or a war, and they feel fortunate to still be in the game. Experience has taught them that every day can be precious and worth savoring.

    Even if it doesn’t come naturally, it is possible to live each day with plenty of gusto. It is a philosophy toward life that can be cultivated. More than anything it requires that we be fully present and appreciative of this moment.

    We tend to spend so much of each day with our body in one place and our mind somewhere else. We’re thinking ahead to tomorrow or replaying yesterday’s events. In either case, we’re paying little attention to those around us or the things that matter most. No wonder focus is in such short supply these days, given the disconnect between our mind and body.

    When we make a conscious effort to be more mindful, we begin to become more aware of the wonder right in front of us, at this moment. Even the mundane can be made to be beautiful with the right mindset.

    I pledge to live each day fully, in this moment, and with all the enthusiasm I can summon. I hope you’ll join me.

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