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  • Fake it until you make it

    I was fortunate to hear Amy Cuddy speak at a conference last September when she explained how her research at Harvard shows that, in fact, it is possible to ‘fake it until you make it’.

    We’ve known for years that our non-verbal forms of communication reveal much to others about what’s going on internally (what we’re thinking, how we’re feeling).

    What Amy suggests is that our body language also sends a powerful message to ourselves, and that this has huge implications for how we approach certain situations, especially those that cause us a lot of anxiety.

    Simply stated, by using a few simple power poses (for short periods of time) we can trigger the release of two hormones which improve our performance at critical moments.

    Since I try to limit these posts to 150 words, I can’t share her full message here, but if you click on the following link you can hear a fuller version of her message:

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