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  • Eliminate the wobble


    This is a continuation of last week’s post when we talked about sleep, nutrition, physical activity, relationships, productivity and purpose, six of the key ingredients in a well energized life.

    As a health coach, I often have my clients do a short self-assessment in which I ask them to rate various elements of their life on a scale of 1 to 10 in order to get a sense of how well they see themselves doing in some of the important areas that impact how energized we feel throughout the day.

    The next step is to plot those scores on a wellness wheel (see figure below) which has multiple spokes, with each spoke representing one of those important elements of life.

    A score of 1, would appear close to the center (hub) of the wheel and a score of 9 would be plotted near the outside (perimeter) of the wheel.

    Scoring well in all areas gives you a large, well-rounded wheel which translates into a life which moves along fairly smoothly.

    Having a mix of high and low numbers means that your wheel, at least as a graphic representation of life, doesn’t roll evenly because it has high and low spots on it.

    Generally, we seek to do well in all areas of life (the larger the wheel, the easier life rolls) and to have some balance in the strength of each of the important spokes of life.

    Every cyclist knows that if your spokes don’t have roughly the same tension in relation to one another, your wheel will not be true and the result will be a frustrating wobble.

    When you take a minute to do a quick scan of your wheel you’ll get a sense of which areas might be causing a wobble. A couple minor adjustments might help ‘true’ your wheel and give you a more pleasant ride.

    If you’re feeling any bumps in the road of life these days, I’d love to help you create some strategies for making the ride a bit smoother.

    Send me an email or text me (see contact info below) and let me know how I can help

    Wishing you a pleasurable ride!


    Head Coach


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