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  • Before breakfast is best

    Much is reported these days about the importance of a healthy breakfast.

    When we make the effort to start our day with a hearty, nutritious meal we experience favorable blood sugar levels as well as better performance and endurance for the day ahead.

    Just as important perhaps may be what we do before we sit down for our first meal of the day.

    What we choose to do upon awakening can set a powerful tone for what follows.

    While we might be inclined to tune-in to the morning news first thing, or check our emails or Facebook, I would ask you to consider, in the alternative, taking a few minutes to do three simple things which, if practiced consistently, will enhance your life immeasurably.

    They all begin with the letter M so they’re easy to remember.

    The first M is to move (physically and rigorously). As anyone who has a daily morning workout can attest, getting our blood pumping early in the day ignites a flow of energy that has a nice residual effect throughout the day. A brisk walk around the block is all you need to do.

    The second M is meditate. When we take a few minutes to focus on our breath and be mindful of nothing more than the present moment, we slow the universe down long enough to expand our awareness, opening ourselves up to subtle shifts in what we think … and ultimately do. The insights gained from regular meditation can help us break old patterns and discover healthier ways to show up in this experience called Life.

    The third M is motivate, as in light the fire within. The best way to accomplish this is to check in with our deepest vision for what we wish our life to be, and set a clear intention for one thing that can be done today to advance our movement in the direction of that vision. By committing to our most cherished goals each morning, we accelerate our progress in achieving the things we value most.

    Lest you think it not possible to fit three new rituals into your pre-breakfast routine, think in terms of 5 minutes for each of these practices. Surely, you can find an extra 15 minutes to do three simple things which will give you a tremendous psychological boost for the journey ahead.

    Make it a strong day ahead – from the moment you wake up!


    Head Coach